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About Us

Beard Blaze was started in 2020 because a joke went too far.

Simon Whistler, YouTuber and co-founder of Beard Blaze made a joke that "all YouTubers have beauty lines".

Shortly after, a fan of Simon's channel (and now legend), Dr. Will, emailed Simon and said that he could make that happen, except it shouldn't be about beauty, it should be about beards.

And thus, together, Beard Blaze was born.

Will mixed up some essential oils. Simon rubbed them in his beard like a lab rat, and picked the ones he liked.

We then marked them at a fair price, put the oil in large bottles so you won't run out for years, and they hit the shelves.

Other products soon followed, and we're currently working on even more great stuff for everyone who rocks a beard (or knows someone who does, Beard Blaze makes a great gift!).

We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them.

Stay legendary,

Simon and Will

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