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Fragrance Fiasco
Fragrance Fiasco
Fragrance Fiasco
Fragrance Fiasco

Fragrance Fiaso


Prepare yourself for the chaos of the century with Fragrance Fiasco, the scent that starts conversations—usually along the lines of, "What is that smell?"

This audacious blend captures the essence of every perfume mistake ever made, all bottled into one. With daring notes of overripe citrus, muddled florals, and a base of scorched plastic, this concoction is guaranteed to make your presence known and remembered (though perhaps not fondly). Perfect for those who enjoy standing out for reasons best left unexplained, Fragrance Fiasco is your ally in ensuring that no nose goes unprovoked. Wear it when you truly want to leave an impression—or a room swiftly evacuated.

Fragrance Fiasco: When smelling believable is simply not enough.

Fragrance Family: Green
Scent Type: Crisp, Fresh
Key notes: Apple, Black Current, Peach, Rose, Musk, White Woods



1.7 fl oz (50 ml)

Concentration: Eau de Parfum

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