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Blazin Beard Conditioner

The perfect way to finish up a beard wash. Takes control of even the toughest, tangled, and unruly facial hair. This luxurious Beard Conditioner is here to provide a more natural approach to making sure you look great at all times. Soften your whiskers while giving them definition and shape. Formulated with nourishing Argan Oil, Vitamin-E Oil, and Caffeine Infused Olive Oil to gently soften and smooth your facial hair and skin. Your face and all that fuzz deserve to be pampered with their own special formula. It will also keep itch, flakes, and dry skin at bay. Just a touch of Almond Oil give this conditioner a fresh aroma that perfectly complements our Blazin Beard Wash; use them together for best results.

Directions: After using Blazin Beard Wash, apply a generous amount and distribute through beard. Allow it to fully soak into facial hair and absorb for a few minutes before washing out with water. Enjoy!

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